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* Name: Kayura Bellaqua

* Age: 25

* Gender: Female

* Race: Demon Half-breed (Half Shadow half Fire demon)

* Hair color: White with Pink Streaks

* hairstyle: short with long fringes over her face

* Eye color: Red

* eye shape: Angular

* skin color: Blue

* bust size(women): C-cup

* Height: 5'5

* Weight: 200 lbs. (All muscle)

* Clothing: Demonic Armor

* attire designs: Animal Print Armored Top that clips in the back with a Lace tied at the bottom, gold shoulder guards and a jeweled eye on the front.  Black Undersuit, Egyptian Style Lavelier in the form of Wings over her shoulders Gold armlets on the arms, Black wrist cuffs, Gold thigh guards, Armored Leg-guards, black boots, Red Belt, gold Diadem with red gems on the forehead.

* alignment: Good Neutral; will save those in trouble, but if they can fight for themselves, she never intervenes

* Personality: Somewhat laid back, but primarily ruthless and aggressive to those she genuinely considers a threat. if you prove an ally though, she's your best friend

* Techniques:  Swiping Claws, Martial Arts master, Magic User, able to sense Life auras and Ki

* Special Techniques: Use of a sword, Yoki-powered attacks (Fuujin no Mae, Ryuuja No Mae; Dance of the Windstorm, Dance of the Dragon)

* Weakness: Standard warding Sutras blessed by priests

^ Likes: Zedaki, Ramen, Cookies, Fun, fighting only if it gets results, Summer weather

^ Dislikes: Yamata Orochi, Villains in general (Feels they're all idiots) Broccoli, Cold weather, Garlic Jr.

* History:  Born in the mountains South of Mt. Paozu, her mother died while giving birth to her so she was raised by her father, a Kind-hearted Demon which often had most assuming he was a weakling,
only to find he was as powerful as a Dai Yokai when he went to be challenged by other fighters.  He died in a battle against Yamata Orochi when he subjugated Garlic Sr. from his throne.
Kayura has Since Vowed to take orochi down in order to free the lands from his rule

* occupation: Travelling Philanthropist

* dreams and goals: Not many

* relationships: Hopefully Zedaki, but unsure given his attitude as a Saiyan

* family history: Father is a Fire demon that devours flames to stop forest Fires that aren't natural or beneficial to certain forests as well as exterminates infectious demon hordes, like rat, insect, Bat, imp, shadow demons.  
Mother was a Queen Shadow Dragon demon, the most powerful of her race, her father never feared her power, rather he admired it. After preventing an Uprising from some arrogant demons in her realm she married him in order to keep the peace

* homeworld previously, Present, future:  Earth

* Extra: (like markings or scars) She has a burn scar on her back and claw-mark scars over her legs
demon princess kayura bellaqua
a character made by: and for dragonball defenders of earth and love interest for zedaki
zedaki*lands on earth after being told to tend to the earth for lady galaxia with his galactic patrol partner nihillis as he arrives in mount paozi to deal with his first demon as training as well as find the other six demons to destroy to reclaim the earth. whilst nihillis traveled ahead to find the other six as he guided the saiyan to a small village where the demon boar lord yao waited treating the humans as his slaves*

Kayura: -watching the village from above on a cliff as she sees humans being enslaved and killed at Yao's entertainment-

zedaki:*approaches the village after nihilis left as he looked around at the desolete area sensing many ki areas of nearly dead humans and demon soldiers using his scouter as he approached towards the palace lord had place for himself* hmph, this must be the place

Kayura: -noticed Zedaki- hmm........

zedaki:*scounter picks up a ki signal close to as he looks in the direction of the cliff and sees someone their as he readies to himself to fight*

Kayura: -jumps down in front of him, relaxed and not intent on fighting-

zedaki:are you friend or foe demon! looks at the female demon seeing her poser and notices that she wasnt in the mood to fight but kept his guard up regardless

Kayura: I'm probably the only demon for miles that you can consider a friend, I'm Kayura

zedaki:and how do i know i can trust you?

Kayura: Cuz every single demon for thousands of miles in this area have a habit of "bite first, eat flesh, never ask cuz it kills the Killing mood"

-a minor demon comes running out of the woods to which a Back-hand to it's face from Kayura makes it splatter all One-Punch Man style into meat and gizzards-

zedaki:*notices more from his scouter as he smirks i see and whats your stake in this i doubt your on that queen pain in the asses payroll gets into his fighting stance as he geared up for battle as more minor imp demons appears to attack kagura and zedaki*

Kayura: you mean that space queen Galaxia? no, i'm not on her payroll

zedaki:yes that would be the one notices two demons approaching him leaping with the desire of feeding as he quick grabs one crushing its head like a melon whilst punching the other into the earth

Kayura: -fired a red energy blast- You'll be happy to know I don't work for her, it's from a lack of trying on her part either

Zedaki:ok nice to know but destroys another imp with a hard right hook taring off his head you didnt answer my question kayura

Kayura: My stake in this? I have no stake in this I just hate the fucker for killing and enslaving humans -catches one by the throat and looks the demon in the eyes while smiling maliciously as she squeezed.........
and pop! the head came off, then drops the carcass and wipes the blood off on the grass-

zedaki: i see, so you like being around the humans very well, grabs his corpses as he heads towards lord yao's palace so tell me whose the asshat i'm killing for queen bitchy

Kayura: well, it's not so much I like being around them, humans just don't make good slaves as a whole cus they're too weak, also it was more or less my father's dying wish that I make sure humans survive and don't become enslaved by Yamata Orochi and his boy-toys

zedaki:i see, very well first lets kill this lord yao and work our way up

Kayura: sure, I wasn't looking for a partner in this endeavor originally but i'm starting to change my mind -smirked at him as she walks up to the gate. she pushes a wood knot out of place looking through it-

zedaki:*chuckles i'm glad you have me kayura follows her as he headed deeper into the boar demon's palace(

-- Kayura jumps the fence without being seen and catches Zedaki by his uniform pulling him behind a shack-

Kayura: Hold it there handsome

zedaki:*stops as he looks at her* why have you stopped me

Kayura: demons have very sharp noses, you'll be smelled and impaled before you even get within two feet of the main village

zedaki:tsk, what do you propose to do to get inside then

Kayura: I've scouted this place for a week, I know of only one way to get to Yao; around the irrigation troughs through the farms -points left- none of them are monitored

zedaki:alright lead the way, but answer me this how strong is this yao and why havent u killed him yet? notices the area where she was pointing

Kayura: oh he's a weakling, I was waiting to kill him specifically around this time so that I can send a clear message to Orochi
waiting till Yao gathered up enough wealth, power and slaves in order to tell his master "All empires fall and yours is overdue" -smirking-

Zedaki:*laughes* oh so the dramatic approach cutie but next time just kill the poor bastard make my job easiler

Kayura; oh but then it would be boring unless you know of another way to have fun

Zedaki:i do but i wont tell until later smirks as he blasts a holle through the sewer line and walks inside of it so how come your not like all the demons here, was your dad peaceful around humans

Kayura; yes he was actually, he'd protect humans from minor demons and beast-demons that Garlic would send to terrorize them

zedaki:and whose garlic

Kayura; the former demon lord of the earthly realms , till orochi overthrew him

zedaki:i see so your a princess well i'll be happy to help u reclaim your throne heads towards the palace secret entrance

Kayura: I don't need a throne to be happy -looks up seeing the exit- here, it's right by his throne

zedaki:u just want to see orochi's head on a spike!

Kayura: -looks back at him smiling-

zedaki:*heads towards yao's throneroom as he sees the boar demon being quite drunk off his ass*

Kayura: -walks up to the throne in full view-

lord yao;*in a drunken daze as he notices his soldiers flying across the room*

Kayura: -approaching yao-

lord yao:who the hell are you

Kayura: I am Kayura of the east

yao:the bratty demon whose father got his ass kicked

Kayura: watch your mouth Pig

yao:or what you stupid bitch! sends his soldiers to attack as mamba and the chicken demon rushes at her

zedaki:*watches her as he knocks out a few more demons*

Kayura: Ryuuja no Mae!! -sweeps her hands outward as white blades of energy fly from her hands and sliced those demons into pieces-

mamba:*moves out of the way of the attack as she watched her ally be cut into ribbons with blood shooting forth out of him i'm out of here runs out leaving the boar demon to his fate*

yao;*looks shocked* what the hell are u

Kayura: I'm a true demon, you're nothing more than a self-indulgent pig given power by a pretender -jumps the length of the floor and lands on Yao's throne- and it's time yours and your master's rule over these lands ends draws her sword and stabs him right through the head-

yao:ack! dies

zedaki:not badly cutie

Kayura: Thanks handsome -cuts the boars head off and drags it outside-

-- she holds it up in full view of the humans declaring their freedom for all to hear and throws the head onto the ground-

zedaki:*follows her killing off any remaining demons loyal to lord yao as he used his scounter to contact nihilis* yo alien freak you found the rest of the clowns i have to kill

nihilis:*on comunication* zedaki, yeah i found them and dont address me as freak you half-wit monkey trash, i only got assigned to this because my lady believes you can pull this off, now that lord yao's territory is clean collect his dragonball and head west towards the small city of ginger town and await your orders their

Kayura: if you want Zedaki, I can beat some manners into that guy for you

zedaki:tsk, fine see ya soon hangs up as he looks to kayura maybe i'll let you princess anyway that asshole said porky has something called a dragonball do u know wheere that is

Kayura; -pulls it out of her pocket- right here, Why're you after them?

zedaki: the bitch queen wants me to use them to restore this place back to normal apparently this place is one of her personal vacation worlds and doesnt want to see it come to harm

Kayura; That's funny, when she tried hiring me she asked me a lot of questions about the Dragonballs before asking if I wanted to work for her

zedaki:oh really, and why would she want the dragonballs i wonder hmmm?
-- Zedaki goes to get yao's dragonball when he notices a clear crystal ball with another boar inside of it as he grabs it along side the dragonball --

Zedaki: hey kayura who or what in lord saiya's name is this thing -shows her the dragonball as well as the crystal ball with the entrapped boar demon inside of it-

Kayura: That's Lord Ta-Pei!! -grabs the crystal and shatters it freeing Tai-Pei-

tai-pei:*comes back from smoke that had encased him as he dusts himself off looking at his two rescuers princess kayura, thank the nine demon realms you came to save me and my village when u did *looks at the saiyan male*
and who are you to have assisted the princess in such a manner

zedaki:tai-pei huh, i'm zedaki if you want to thank the princess here go ahead i have somewhere esle to be turns on his scounter to look for the next demon and the next dragonball location

Zedaki: tai-pei huh, i'm zedaki if you want to thank the princess here go ahead i have somewhere esle to be turns on his scounter to look for the next demon location as he walks out of the throne room and palace

Kayura: -slightly sad watching him leave-

tai-pei:princess if i may, allow me to accompany you and your companion i wish to repay what you have done for me and give orochi a piece of my mind

Kayura: that's your privilege My Lord, but what about your village?

tai-pei:my village will repair it-self in time my attendants will see to that plus i cannot forgive what orochi has done to my vilage

Kayura: -bows- I understand

tai-pei:anyway, summons his staff as he grabs a parcel for his attendants to restore the village and to attend to those who have lost their familys thanks to yao as he walks with her and following the saiyan

Kayura; Zedaki! -catches up with him-

zedaki:*turns two see the two approach* hey i take it that guy is joining us

kayura: yes

zedaki:i see welcome aboard tai-pei, and kayura sorry for leaving my scounter must be getting some interfere outside

Kayura: its probably the humidity; this area is terrible for machines

zedaki:well which why to ginger town

Kayura: west, that way -points-

zedaki:alright lets go turns off his scouter as he flies up and heads west towards ginger city

tai-pei:quite an impatient fellow isnt he? summons his nimbus as he hops onto it to follow the saiyan

Kayura; I think he just wants to get over this job from that Galaxia chick quickly

tai-pei:i see and who is this galaxia

Kayura: An Alien Monarch that's working her tail off to keep Galactic Tyrants from terrorizing peaceful planets, and supposedly she has this planet on her restriction zone for not being destroyed
cuz apparently she likes the place and wanted to preserve it. but then the demonic uprising happened with Orochi

tai-pei:i see, well things have changed alot since my imprisonment from yao looks at the saiyan and whats with the young man does he work with galaxia

Kayura; Seems it's a Begrudged kind of an employment but I believe so

tai-pei:i see well i can sense that he is a good person and i trust you so i hope we can help him out as well

Kayura: I hope so too

-- within a day or so they reach Ginger Town's outskirts, Barring a few small encounters with demons of course --

zedaki:*lands to see several human resistance fighters with several members of the galactic patrol giving them support with captain ginyu and the ginyu force acting as the commanding officers under galaxia's payroll as he approached ginyu* hey horn head are you the leader of this outfit and where is nihilis

Ginyu: A Saiyan? you're Nihilis' partner?

-the Ginyu force all laugh raucously-

zedaki:i am, and i wouldnt be laughing if i were you glares at them as he brings kayura and tai-pei with him now answer my question

Ginyu: oooooooooh a girl and a pig, how spooooooooooooky~!!

Recoome: -shoves Zedaki aside and leans on a wall trying to look all charming for Kayura- Hey toots, how about you ditch these losers and wait for me in a room later tonight, I'll show you what a real man looks like

Kayura; You sure that's wise, your little harem back there may get jealous if you switch to chicks -the soldiers all BUST out laughing-

tai-pei:are you sure thats wise to make fun of these people i can sense malice in their souls princess kayura

Kayura; oh they have a lot of malice, but not power, Zedaki's stronger than all 5 of them combined

Recoome: who? the saiyan?? come on, Now I forgive you for your stupidity but--

Kayura: -grabs him by the uniform tight around his neck and pulls him eye-level- Get this straight Meat-ball; I neither like you nor care for your kind of banter, so do yourself a favor and keep your teeth closed before you have to get them replaced, green??

Recoome: -strangled- URGK, Super Green

Kayura: -pushed him easily into Burter and marched up to Ginyu-

Ginyu: -backed up- O_O

Kayura: where. is. Nihilis?

Ginyu: h-h-h-he took point on the t-t-t-tallest building in this City.....

Kayura: Thank you

zedaki:*growls as he glares at them lets go i want to have this mission completed instead of dealing with these clowns follows kayura to the tallest building in the city where nihilis awaited them*

Kayura: So why exactly does Galaxia have those Cum-scrapers as her employees?

nihilis:*looks out at the nearby city as he was cordinating his efforts with lena briefs the queen of capsule corp who was supplying the soldiers with weapons thanks to the brief partnership she has with the red ribbon militia*

zedaki:my guest she keeps those losers around to act as her training squad unit nothing more that and having them act in their own tv show

Kayura: -eyeroll-

zedaki:anyway we should rest for a while why dont you too go grab a bite to eat whilst i meet with nihilis*

Kyra; will you be okay with him?

zedaki:*nods of course after all if he gets out of line you can kick his ass for me smirks as he flies off towards the building*

tai-pei:well he seems very trustworthy of that nihilis fellow well we should get something to eat princess i'm quite famished holds onto his stomach

Kayura; same here, you still like Ramen right?

taipei:*nods yes it is one of the human foods i enjoy the most smiles as he walks with her to the food cart*

Kayura: One bowl of Char Siu ramen for me and ten bowls of Beef ramen for my friend here please

cart owner:*nods yes ma'am makes them their bowls of ramen*

nihilis:*notices zedaki's arrival* its about time you showed up, where in kami's name have you been

zedaki:picking up strays and locating the demons so dont go high and mighty on me now freak

nihilis:*sighes look saiyan i did receive reports of the two demons that accompanied you and based on their backgrounds they dont seem to be much of a threat however just because they are your allies doesnt mean i trust them just being cautious anyway this is lena brief's she's our resident tech expert and ceo of capsule corperation she'll be handling possible demon locations thanks to her drones tracking possible areas points to the lavender haired human with glasses onto her face*

Lena: -finished typing a command to a drone- Nice to meetcha, glad you caught up with Kayura by the way, she's an awesome fighter

zedaki:so you know about kayura, i didnt think many knew about my companion given the situation

Lena; You kidding, she's famous and infamous; famous among humans because of her father, infamous among demons for being a friend to humans

zedaki:i see, very well, so lets get down to business shall we where are the other demons?

Lena: there's one a little farther west of this city, right on the outskirts of the Zulmy Subri mountains, another in the great desert, another Dead Center of Central City, and I think there's two in the jungles of the south.
i have yet to confirm it though

nihilis:and to add to our problems we'll need you and your allies to make contact with princess oto and her merpeople our intel suggests that one of the demons we seek may be hiding within her kingdom of the seas just north of here
but use discretion we dont want to risk war on top of rid the planet of the demons now do we.

zedaki:ok so what do we know on the fish people since i'll head their to tackle that next

Lena; there isn't too much to know, they'r eknown for being a timid bunch and natural hoarders, anything shiny they'll collect it

zedaki:alright, great i'll see if the princess knows anything and keep you guys informed btw lena was it, i'll need this fixed before i head out hands her his scouter

nihilis:good and zedaki, becareful the queen has an uneasy truce with oto and her people so be as subtle as you can and dont risk an international war please

zedaki:*nods* got it

Lena: Ah, the humidity shorted out a few of the circuit connections and chip wiring, an easy fix -reaches under her seat and pulls up a precision repair kit-

-- in what looked to be a Saiyan's speed, she opens up the scouter, repairs it, and closes it again --

Lena: there you go

zedaki:thanks, grabs it as he goes to find the others

Lena: Kind of a grouch isn't he?

nihilis:that he is, but he is the queen's chosen warrior although i cant help but think why queen galaxia admires his race so much, maybe its one of her weird fetishes sighes anyway we better get back to work wouldnt want your assistant coco to think us being lazy again

Lena: Oh Coco's just a busy-body half the time

nihilis:is that a human trait

Lena: Some of the time

nihilis:i see, very well smiles as he gets to work orinating his attacks on the demon bases whilst looking for surviors

zedaki:*looks for the others as he spots them at a ramen resturant*

Kayura: -waves down Zedaki- Over here!

zedaki:*sees her as he approaches them as he sat down to get a bite to eat before heading out on their mission* hey you two, i received our new orders as well as the locations of the other demons, btw princess know anything on a princess oto?

Kayura: the oceanic princess

zedaki:yeah orders several bowls of spicy ramen for him to eat nihilis wants us to make contact with the princess he believes that she may end up having a demon there as well

Kayura: if she does it's not gonna bode well; tohime is the daughter of a dragon and her mood dictates the conditions of the ocean
if she becomes angry, she could cause a hurricane and massive waves which will destroy the seaside village, not to mention the fish-peoples' underwater homes

zedaki:well lets hope she'll cooperate with us after all, her kingdom is at stake just like this planet

Tai-Pei: so where do we find this princess otohime?

Kayura: Her home is on the southern coast

Zedaki: i see and we'll head there next then

Kayura: good idea

zedaki:*eats over ten bowls of noodles and pork until he was full and ready to go lets get going uses the zenie he collected from their last trip into town to pay for his meal before heading south to the oceania kingdom*

Kayura: -pays for everything else with a gold nugget-

-- they head for the fishing town Oceanus was known to live near, it seemed ...........peaceful enough --
* Name:zedaki
* Age:20
* Gender:male
* Race:full saiyan
* Hair color:black
* hairstyle:short almost bowl shaped with a few spikes in front of his hair
* Eye color:black
* eye shape:similar to vegito's
* skin color: lightly tan
* musclar build(men): very muscular with some fat
* bust size(women):
* Height:5'9
* Weight:210lbs
* Clothing:an elite class saiyan armor worn only by the saiyan royality with the saiyan royality cress embedded onto the right breast plate and shoulder pads at a very small length compared to the one's vegeta worn back in the saiyan invasion arc with a class 1 saiyan scouter attached to his ear on the right
* attire designs:same armor vegeta worn during the saiyan arc but with shorter pads and color scheme of red and black and white instead of blue and white and yellow
* alignment:good
* Personality:his personality is a combination of both vegeta's and goku's to some extent he can be quite serious when he wants to be, and has fun whenever possible he tends to have a bit of a flirtatious personality or persona when around women of beauty which is often then not. not found within the saiyans at times. he can be quite cocky and confident and sometimes lets his own arrogance blind him to his own weakness or the weakness he finds in others. he does show a deal of mercy when he has to and tends to only show his true feelings when around someone he truly cares for the most manly his comrades or his soon to be demon wife.

* Techniques: Outrage - When a Saiyan is extremely raged or of great sadness, or basically of any extreme emotion, their exterior changes slightly. With increased muscle mass, powers, and over-all statistics, the Outrage technique is one of the Saiyan's best, natural abilities.

Oozaru - When a saiyan who's tail is still in tact looks up unto the moon above, or a Power Ball stationed within their sight, the gravitational-brute-waves bring out the primal ape within. If this transformation is brought on by the moon, the saiyan must loose their tail or the moon must be destroyed in order for a breakdown into their normal form. If a power ball is used to aid in this transformation, then the tail MUST be removed in order for the saiyan to de-form.

Giji-Outrage - Stepping up the ladder of power, a Giji Transformation is more-so a half form of their actual transformation. A massive boost of power is sent through the transforming Saiyan. The power within this transformation is still yet unmeasured. It is believed that this transformation could very well hold power beyond that of a basic Super Saiyan if harnessed completely.

Beyond the Brink or zenkai boost - When a Saiyan is dropped to a near-death state, past the effect of an Outrage power-up, and brought back to healing (not brought back from the dead or killed.), then the saiyan has a very good chance to increase their power slightly to greatly.

Innate Strength - Saiyans, along with a few other races, have a natural strength boost. In most instances, this Innate Strength, a hidden power, results in a strength boost around the total of: Strength x 1.4

* Special Techniques: Ultra Planet Bomb, earthshaker, quick rush, and super saiyan

* Weakness:his own arrogance, cockiness can be his downfall and tends to at times underestimate his enemies also his soft heart for women

^ Likes: to fight and get stronger, his allies kayura, tai-pei, kira-gyo, onaga, ryo, and his galactic patrol ally nihilis some times and women

^ Dislikes: weakness, being showed up and being told what do do, queen galaxia at times (thinks her a slave driver) and his father and brothers at times

* History: born the youngest of king darch and his third wife nasu zedaki has had a troubled childhood being the youngest and last in line to inhered the throne of vegeta named after his father's fallen brother after the saiyan-tuffle rebellions he has always been picked on and treated like trash by his brothers buta and basashi who looked down on him due to the fact they werent truly related only being half brother's due to darch's other marriages to the strongest saiyan women at the time. to which growing up he has had to prove himself time and time again not only to his father but to his brothers to prove that he was truly worthy of claiming the throne of vegeta and exceeding his father and brothers so many years later he was given a mission to claim a planet for their kingdom to conquer a planet within the eastern galaxy to rule over and collect the resources from. after being advised to take a squad with him by his father's most trusted guard yakumi. he chosen to go solo and later after a couple days of travel he found himself on one of the galactic queen's planet's  galaxia 419 and soon after laying siege on the planet and killing the populace of the planet he was soon caught and arrested by nearby galactic patrolmen who brought him forth to the queen of the northern galaxy herself lady galaxia who was less then pleased that one of king darch's brats would have the balls to attack one of her worlds but also steal from her as well. given the contract she established with the current saiyan ruler and as well as the restrictions of what worlds they could and couldnt sack and conquer for the expansion of their empire. she soon gets in contact with the king of the saiyans darch informing him of his son's plunder which left the king also less then pleased by also quite fearful of what punishment she was to dish out onto his youngest son. but galaxia being somewhat forgiving she decides a possible exile for the boy as well as a mission of sorts for him to reclaim his honor as a saiyan warrior to which darch agrees much to his dismay but he knew his boy needed to learn a hard lesson and learn it well so over a space skype call he exiles his son until he completes the mission the queen gives to him as punishment and he isnt to return to vegeta until the mission is complete in full much to zedaki's protest and when the call was finished and feeling quite pissed off at his father's betrayal he was thrown into a space cell as well as given power inhibitor cuffs to prevent his escape and after a one night of rest and thought he was brought forth to the queen once more where she gives him his mission where he was to go to the planet earth accompanied by one of her own galactic patrol soldiers nihilis to keep track of him and to make sure the mission was completed as ordered to purge the planet of its demon infestation and to gather the dragonballs to use them to restore not only the earth but the planet he destroyed. and if he didnt comply she would have him killed right there on the spot. so being in a forced situation he goes to earth with nihilis to deal with the demon problem and once their he'll run into manner of all folks both friend and foe alike until he meets his allies as well as the demon of his life kayura. which along with a demon boar tai-pei, a dragon namekian onaga, a fishwoman assassin kira-gyo, and a human martial artist  ryo team up to take down the demon warlord yamata orochi and his ilk of demons and save the world.

* occupation: saiyan prince and later galactic patrol recruit earth division

* dreams and goals:former to become king of the saiyans current to protect the earth and his family and friends

* relationships
queen galaxia of north galaxy (arcosian or frieza clan): boss
nihilis(turian): galactic patrol partner and commanding officer
ryo nakamura: human ally and friend
kira-gyo;fishwoman ally and former rival
tai-pei:demon boar ally and friend
onaga: dragon namekian former rival and ally

* family history:
king darch and queen nasu(eggplant): father and mother
queen kure(watercress): mother
queen karashina(mustard greens):mother
buta: older brother
colonel violet: sister in law (later)
basashi:older brother
thief/spy hasky:sister in law (later)
yakumi: mentor and older brother like
princess otohime/oceanus shenron sister in law sorta (later)

princess kayura of the 13th demon realm: wife (friend's character)
zero:half saiyan/demon hybrid son (later)

* homeworld previously:planet vegeta universe 13
* homeworld present:planet earth universe 13
* homeworld future:planet earth universe 13

* Extra: scars from years of training and battles and missions
zedaki's bio
my main hero of universe 13 and hero of defenders of earth story
dragonball defenders of earth project synopsis

ok this is where i finally redo my entire dragonball timeline scraping all but some of my characters so the plot of my story can make sense for starters the main hero of my story will be my saiyan zedaki named after goku's former name for dragonball back when it was to be aired on tv. also instead of me repeating the goku child story again my story will take place roughly around age 756 the day goku fought piccolo jr in the tournament as well as proposed to chi-chi but instead since my story is in  fact an alternate reality zedaki lands on earth around this time with a turian galactic patroller named nihilis as per the orders of lady galaxia  to clean up her favorite vacation planet of its demon infestation and use the dragonballs to restore it afterwards as punishment for trying to destroy another of her pleasurable worlds. and with zedaki being a exiled prince as result of his foolish actions gets shanghai-ed into working for the galactic patrol as well as galaxia. so he pretty much goes to earth to deal with the demon warlords with the first being lord yao whose palace was set up on the very edge of mount paozu where many humans were being enslaved including old man gohan. whilst nihilis went on ahead to not only meet up with his fellow soldiers but also scout ahead for the other warlords zedaki soon arrives in the village of paozu and after killing a few weak imps he meets the love of his life or will be princess kayura (a friend of mine's character). a demon princess whose father pretty much pulls a sparda and was current ruler of the demons before being killed by my villian of the first saga yamata orochi the king of serpents. zedaki and kayura hit it off pretty well and even manages to sneak into yao's palace killing his guards except mamba who flees with her life intact. and yao whose drunk off his ass was surprised and later killed by the princess with head on spike as proof as well as warning to the other warlords that they wwere indeed coming so after informing nihilis of the first warlord slain zedaki gathers the four star ball from yao's possessions as well as a new ally a demon boar who goes by tai-pei who is acting ruler of paozu village where he accompanies the demon princess and saiyan to ginger town to meet up with nihilis for further orders. and after a day's trip zedaki arrives and after having a small run-in with the galactic patrol's training squad and mascots the ginyu force zedaki soon meets lena briefs the current ceo of capsule corperation as well as nihilis whilst tai-pei and the princess got a bite to eat. after receiving his new mission orders as well as learning of the next locations of the demon warlords he himself goes to get a bite to eat and informs his allies their heading south to the undersea kingdom of oceania to meet with princess otohime and not only collect her dragonball but also free her kingdom of its demon problem.

and keep in mind this is all i have so far as a result of me rping with a friend of mine to help make my ideas happen as well as me adding more to it. also this story of mine doesnt take place  in any of the universes from the main timeline rather an alternate reality where zeno didnt destroy those extra universes and mine takes place in universe 13 and also another thing i'm going to do some characters of universe seven will exist in my timeline like maron and Chiaotzu along with tien but their will be difference's for example in tien and Chiaotzu's  case they will play more into their path of power roles where Chiaotzu is a child prince of a country and tien is his older brother/bodyguard, launch, hasky, raven and violet all will work for the red ribbon militia since they are going to be a mercenary outfit and part of the good guys along with dr. gero and rudolf gero (android 16 and lena's future husband) so i hope you all like what i have written down and once i get started on writting this i'll have at least two more saga's in the works afterwards: the Bio warrior saga/blitzkrieg army saga, and vampire conventant saga, with the few specials i'm planning at a later date and btw any rping couples i have with people shall remain as well but will be divided between universe 13's saga and time patrol chronicles
dragonball defenders of earth
a redo of my whole dbz saga so everything can make sense in my timeline
Shara-ay My Kryptonian
she was made by this guy's game:… and she is my first kryptonian oc a clone daughter from the house of ay (which is my own house and is a work in progress) she is one of two clones that come from an alternate reality where argo city arrived from a dimensional time rift that landed them into the dragonball universe of 13 where the city thrived and re-populated due to sex and cloning as well as sex with clones to revive their race around age 740 and after reclaiming their race and new planet they began to communicate with other races of the north galaxy, south and east galaxy establishing trade agreements along  with technological advancement with other races which zor-el the current king met my lady galaxia and began their trade agreements with shara and her sister mala being the first kryptonians to be accepted into their society as well as galaxia's peace corp army.

hey guys i really dont know what to say but i might be edvicted from my apartment due to me being charged from my partment 1554 dollars from my landlord which is anooying and i really wish i wasnt on the verge to be evicted cuz it sucks alot


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