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hey guys i got a new job as a dishwasher which i get to start tomorrow
i lost my job as of yesterday and i wasnt even told the reason why though they said it was something i did between myself and another employee but i'm  having a hard time with that cause i didnt do anything wrong and they didnt tell me only told me to contact the person who hired me into the job and even she didnt have a clue she said that i didnt understand how the job operated nor its rules which btw i've only worked their for about three weeks so really i'm all sorts of upset about this to where i can sleep it just keeps nagging at my head constantly and i dont have a clue why though the only incident i can think of was when i asked someone to evaluate my attractiveness to women to a female employee merely out of curiousity and  to see if i can make improvements you know if they though that was harassment they need to rethink their policy
hey guys i'm making this mostly out of morning bordom and yes i know its been five years since me 3 aand those bad endings but here me out this is basically me writing my personal head canon ending to me 3 and towards andromeda

ok to start 

1. no starbrat nor machine vs organics story part we had that with tali and the geth so no means no on that.
2. during the illusive man battle and convo have harbinger control him and force him to kill shep and anderson as a final gambit to either control or destroy shepard.
3. no multi colored endings other then the control and destroy ending mostly due to the fact that the reapers are machines and like the geth can be repurposed to serve the lower species and at best no shep giving his life for it
4.the crucible actually destroys the remaining reapers via very large virus whilst humans and aliens wipe out harbinger using the tools that shep and crew had in mass effect 2 during the suicide mission.
5. all romance endings end with how they are suppose to. aka liara and blue babies/ garrius with romance/ tali on homeworld and mirada/jack/ashley married to shep in some way or we see their kids
6. a statue in honor of shep and his allies on the newly rebuilt citadel with shep being retired with romance
7. andromeda happens as it should but is funded by the illusive man and his allies  before me 3 but theirs at least a small call back to the 3 games as well as being a coverup for a explore mission. 

and thats what i would like as apart of my ending for mass effect 3 and my headcanon so what do u guys think
hey guys i really dont know what to say but i might be edvicted from my apartment due to me being charged from my partment 1554 dollars from my landlord which is anooying and i really wish i wasnt on the verge to be evicted cuz it sucks alot

my stream of my gameplay of gravity rush two finally my experience with the gravity queen
hey guys i havent did a journal in a long time due to me being busy with school, trying to find a new job and trying to get my apartment back in order thanks to me having bedbugs earlier but right now i'm hurting finanically to the point i wont be able to pay my bills nor my phone so i'm gonna try my hand at youtube and see where that gets me but i'm not quiet certain i have the face or talent for such a thing nor do i know how to do patron other then doing some writting commissions which is something i thought about but then again i've probabily been a very big joke on da for the longest time and i get it. really i do but right now i'll hope and pray i can turn things around and make things for the better for myself
1. no made up time travel bullshit
2. have zamasu steal goku's body from before the heart virus deal
3. keep the mystery of black as well as the reveal
4.have the immortal zamasu come from universe 7 with black corrupting him further but before beerus destroys him
5. no new transformations for trunks or black without explaining how their gained or make trunks go super saiyan god 2 aka super saiyan blue
6. have the evil containment wave work on zamasu from goku and not trunks and then have goku black use his illousionary clone technique to fool goku, trunks and vegeta but without the time rift bullshit to distract his enemies until he destroys the jar zamasu was in.
7. zamasu and black fuse like they did but gives goku, vegeta and trunks problems until their big ki clash where trunks and vegeta were unable to weaken the fusion along with goku that is until black's ear ring cracks from mai's sniper bullet disrupting the fusion and leaving goku an opening like he did with his kaioken added.
8.vegeto happens like he should but without the timelimit and doesnt kill zamasu trunks does but without the bullshit spirit bomb and kills him with his ki saber
9.with zamasu dead and the future still a mess goku presses the zeno button and of course zeno knows his gods and goddesses were killed but as a favor to goku revives the super dragonballs where trunks wishes his world back before the destruction of black as well as zamasu. but before i forget gowasu is mildly punished for allowing zamasu to go as far as he did and goku and the others are mildly punished for time traveling. but before they go home goku gives trunks the location of new namek where he could use their dragonballs and wish back those who were killed by the andriods and cell where trunks and mai would be greatful to hear of the good news and thus returns to their future to rebuilt their homes and new lives together. with a minor romantic remeeting of future bulma and vegeta.

just something i thought about tell me what you all think
hey guys i'm giving up on dbz due to the fact that i'm kinda tired of dealing with dbz between super, fusions, xenoverse 2, its too much so i'm taking a large hiatus from that series and focus on my other series namely kingdom hearts, sonic, sailor moon, kamen rider, among a few others i would like to work on  kingdom hearts and i've already worked on my alternate universe princesses of heart based on movies or series i've either seen as a kid or a full blown adult which i am now so i'll list off my princesses that i will be using and whom i think they will compare to

anastasia(from anastasia her movie)-cinderella
penelope pitstop( hanna barbara)-snowhite
odette(warner bros)-aurora
sheeta(castle in the sky)-alice
daphe( dragon's lair)-belle
shelly(my baby)-kairi
hey guys i have a theory and for those who are of the dragonball fandom plz try to not fan away my theory just becuse of whats happening in dragonball super and my theory is this like future trunks's timeline the dragonball future is split into four different variations each with their own future outcomes and storys take for example the final ending of dragonball/z where goku took uub to train to become the next defender of the planet whilst closing off on his chapter at the same time. now this ending is strictly done through the anime and manga versions of both dragonball/z now take stuff with dragonball gt for some they would believe gt is erased thanks to super but thats not true. the timeline still exist just as an altered ending to the original anime of dragonball leaving goku and vegeta jr to take up the mantle of heroes. now leading into dragonball online/xenoverse which takes place 1000 years past the events of dragonball where goku and vegeta are no longer present and the stuff with the saiyans are near extincted  leaving the future descendants to fight off the monsters, aliens and demons that plagues the future timeline and thus preventing towa, mira, fu, and demigra from destroying their world. and finally all the events of super which we all know by now but i feel that each of dragonball's futures have been altered or changed based on each outcomes that go by namely the multiversal theory.…

the entire story revolving around majin buu's puberity and birth of the majin race as far as concerned with dragonball xenoverse
hey guys and gals of da as many of you who follow me know i have alot of ocs some with others whilst others not so much but i've had a few ideas i wish to excerise for a roleplay and one of them is clearly based on the legend of zelda series specifically hyrule warriors which in my opinon is just another life for link and zelda just like link between worlds was but i would like to do it where a soldier of the hylian army was kidnapped by the gerudo army on orders from cia to interrogate him. now this rp doesnt have to be done today but i'm just looking for someone to do it with me.
hey guys sorry if i've gone dark these last couple of days school is kicking my butt as well as family to some extend for all those i plan on getting commissions from and adopts rest assured i will pay this friday on such and as a side note i'm cancelling my projects and will focus more on character development for all my characters staring with my dbz ocs and working downwards to my star wars ocs to develop them better so i wont rp much on anything but skype at the moment until i get things under control so plz bare with me and i will have newer stuff soonish
hey guys for fans of archie sonic comics i was wondering what issues from the old continuity should i start from so i can have a firm grasp on that universe as its world beyond the stuff i picked up from ian flynn's recent stuff and the previous knux comics i need the info to futher myself and my sonic ocs in their respective universes (ie. leo the chimera, moonlight the hedgehog and comet the tenrac)
guys i just finished fire emblem birthright and i must say i liked it all the characters were indeed interesting although i didnt really feel the cause of the story for hoshido maybe because i was abit burned out by spoiling myself during that game but i manage to get through it and i do like the story and the characters final boss though felt very easy to me once i had takumi and ryoma wack him a couple times then had my avatar kamui finish him off overall its a good game not as excitinng as awakening but somewhat good so b+ for birthright. so i'm now onto nohr and conquest lets hope it wows me
 hey guys i recently got naruto storm 4 for my ps4  and yet for some reason its not working for me and its a brand new copy now mind u i sat through the updating process for the game and when it starts its not letting me doing anything but go to the free battle system with it constantly saying this feature cannot be unlocked until after the installation is done and i'm like what the cosmic fuck i sat through the installation and its not letting me play u but the free mode. but heres the kicker when i took the game out of my system and played megadimension neptune guess what it worked like a fucking charm. no loading required nothing like that. i think gamestop or namco gave me a botched copy so if anyone is dealing with this same thing plz let me know how i can fix this
hey guys seems that kotaku was half right and i hate to admit it but skinship is partially removed but we still get the sprites and bonuses from the game but we cant touch our waifus or husbandos to be in fates which is dishearting  but i'll enjoy fates regardless of this i mean at least we're still getting the game as well as the special edition which i preordered in november so if any one still wantt one better check their local wal-marts for one. and to show my proof of this here a stream polgon did for fates:
hey guys i've decided i'm going to do point commissions not only to improve on my art style but also to give me something to do until fire emblem fates or naruto four comes out so i have an idea of what i'll do i'll draw anything of what a person desires except for porn i cant do that yet and i will have fare rates just to raise my own point status as well as being able to pay others without spending money of my own for more points when i have enough issues in my life to deal with so. here will be my prices

headshots:50-100 points

half-body:200-250 points

full body:300-350


adopts sonic and other wise:50 points

line art:5


plz pay after work is done
kotaku fucking lied ladies and gents i just spoken with a nintendo rep and they have no fucking mention of the removal of skinship in their records so guess what kotaku fucking lied to us all
for those of us who plan to get fire emblem fates for the 3ds might want to avoid the bullshit article that kotaku brought forth about nintendo of america censoring more in fates like the petting or rather bonding scenes in fates which i say again is a fucking pile of dog shit but anyway to the contary i found something that may put players at ease with the… read that whole thing and that shall prove that kotaku is full of shit. btw i know that nintendo censored xeno chronicles x but lets be real here it was for a bust adjustment which really isnt that big of a deal in the grand scheme of it all. but anyway let me know that you guys think
Hey guys for the past I say several Google hours in the day while I was working I began to think about certain animes and there mishaps or mistakes since the anime's creation for example

Sailor moon: sailor moon crystal why this is considered a black sheep is manly how it treated sailor moon and how the first season turned out and trying to recon the manga and the 90s anime. Despise it getting a third season

Naruto: it's filler which ruins the anime terribly and even after the manga finishing it continued to tarnish the anime's reputation as well as manga.

Dragonball: it's live action movie adaptation dragonball evolution where as many hated this film for its silly adaptation of akira toriyama's story and yet I agree but I do find some charm in that film

Well that's all I can name for now I'm going to name more tomorrow for now what can you guys name